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Complementary product to Sweda solutions, Turret Display displays sales messages, prices and other information to the client.



With LCD display 2-line by 20 characters and backlight, it is easily adapted to different environments. The Turret Display is made of polycarbonate and offers variation of the angle of tilt and swivel, ensuring better visibility. It is available in two interfaces: serial (suitable for Modular POS and POS Touch) and parallel (compatible with Sweda Multifunctional Terminal).

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Technical specifications

Display Serial:
2 x 20 (lines x characters) LCD type
Large Character
CPU 80C51
RS232C serial interface
Speed: 1200-9600 bps
Power supply: 12 V, 200 mA, supplied by external converter
Cable: DB-9 Female, standard PC, 2m
Total weight (without converter): 500 g

Parallel Display:
Compatible with Sweda Multifunctional Terminal
2 x 20 (x characters line) LCD type
Large Character
Parallel interface, compatible with the LCD controller type HD 44780
Power: 5 V, 200 mA, provided by Sweda Multifunctional Terminal
Cable DB-15 male, 1 m (TTL and power signals)
Total weight: 450 g


• Width: 162mm
• Height: 290mm

• Length: 450mm