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The entire line of the fiscal Printers Sweda features a modern design and includes thermal mechanism and audit memory feature (MFD), eliminating the storage of duplicate roll paper and showing great durability against lack of capacity.

Product benefited by the Computer Law


The SB-900 printer is the fastest model of the category of fiscal printers attending the convention 09/09. It is the perfect model to meet the high demand for retail printing.

Allows the extraction of reports and saving data in pen drive, by specific USB port, and the possibility of transmission of sales data in CF-e format (fiscal Electronic Receipt) directly from the fiscal server by internet mode.

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Technical specifications

Fiscal Characteristics

• Audit memory feature (MFD; 4GB)
• Number of Z reductions: 3650 reductions
• Legislation: Convention 09/09
• Sealing: electronic seal that detects case violation, blocking equipment
• Cash Drawer drive: yes

Software Features

• Customer Logo print of retailers and variable size
• Truncating or rounding the value of the item
• Allows printing of the sales item in one line (greater economy)
• Printing promotional lines on receipts and non-fiscal receipts
• Recording capacity of up to 999 items in the fiscal receipt

Printing Technology

• Print method: thermal
• Print speed: 260 mm/s
• Number of Columns: 57
• Barcode printing: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8/13, Code39, Code128, ITF,
• Codabar, PDF-417, QR-code
• Cutting system of paper: Cutter


• Type: thermal paper roll
• Paper roll exchange: Drop-in (easy loading of paper)
• Dimensions (mm) 79.5 +/- 0.5 (wide)
• Maximum outer diameter 83mm


• Height: 175mm
• Width: 140mm
• Length: 199mm
• Weight: 2,2 kg

• Length: 216mm
• Weight: 1.5kg


• Ethernet for communication with the fiscal authorities
• USB 2.0 to connect to the fiscal application program (PAF ECF)
• USB for data extraction via pen drive.


• Supply Voltage: 24V DC

Power Supply

• External, automatic multi-voltage 99 – 242V


• Life of the print head: 60 million lines cutter life: 2 million cuts
• Guillotine useful life: 1.5 million cuts
• MTBF: 360 thousand hours
• MCBF: 60 million lines