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Fiscal Application Program (FAP) – software that communicates with a Fiscal Receipt Issuer (ECF) to automate the registration of outstanding transactions of goods and services in the retail shop.

The Fiscal Application Program is a software that must be connected and communicate to a ECF. It should be the one installed at the terminal point of sale to completion of the registration circulation transactions of goods and services.

Adding various controls, such as checking every document issued, the value of the Gross Sale ECF, the PAF should also ensure that the clock of point of sale terminal is not divergent with respect to the ECF within 15 minutes.

According to the law of each Federal unit, before receiving the authorization for use in commercial establishments, the PAF should be approved or registered with the Department of Finance, through the report obtained by functional analysis by technical officer accredited.

PAF-ECF legislation, go here.

List of accredited technical officers

Analysis script


Compatibility Statement Sweda

For the public who have not yet joined the PAF-ECF, we provide a booklet with easy language, aiming to clarify and provide guidance on these rules to the application software store. BOOKLET OF PAF-ECF