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Based on best practices of the market technology, we created a program of
Relationships with application developers, it encourages integration between professionals in the commercial area of automation and brings technical and commercial benefits.
The Sweda is committed to working closely with the Software House.
Offer your customers the Sweda Solutions.

Software House / Commercial Agent
You will have access to cost price list and suggested values of sale. Your remuneration will be the difference between the values of your sale and cost price, after fiscal tax applied.

Software House/Support Developer
Sweda Support area provides full support on the recognition software on PAF-ECF requirement and integration of your products.

Sweda’s Service Network card
Upon receiving the product or Sweda solution, your customer comes in contact with our Customer Service Center by calling (11) 3429 2200 to schedule, without charge, the initial sealing and/or equipment(s) installation(s).

Sweda’s Technical Support
Call 0800 7 713 713 for technical support to development, legislation and approval throughout the country.

They are at your disposal a high level Sweda’s Library and Communication Libraries. To develop systems incorporating equipment from Sweda, you can use the direct communication with the basic software of printers.
Full documentation (manuals, source code samples in different programming languages, dlls, Linux libraries, simulators) can be obtained from the download section on the site

Meet the Connect Family
During the programming phase, integration tests can be easily performed with Sweda simulator (Connect/Sim). To complete the process of porting request a product.

Call (11) 2106-5613 to learn more or click here to register.